Monday, January 14, 2013

The 5 Money Personalities

The 5 Money Personalities by Scott and Bethany Palmer is an interesting read. The book covers the primary and secondary money personalities that people have. The Saver, Spender, Risk Taker, Security Seeker, and Flyer are the relationship dynamics that are at work in any relationship. There are personal examples of each money type. I had to laugh at the descriptions because we all know people that fall into these categories. Throughout the book there are different things to work on for your money relationship. my favorite was the money dump.

The authors are husband and wife and have been in the finacial industry for years. Over the course of their careers they have seen that understanding your money personality has a lot of impact on your relationships. I felt the book had some good advice. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to understand their money personality better. I was given this book by Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.