Friday, October 19, 2012

The Money Smart Family System

Have you ever wondered how to get your kids to do chores or be responsible with money? Well the Money Smart Family System book By Steve and Annette Economides explains how to motivate kids to do their chores, how to introduce money at different ages, and how to create financially responsible kids. The book examples how to have your younger children use a 3 part bank to give, save, and spend. Then when they get older to move to the envelope system, which still includes the 3 parts, but also adds other categories such as clothing allowance. This book is a wonderful resource and covers so much including friends, love, and marriage. I loved the point based system that the book outlines that has children earn a morning point for getting dressed, brushing their teeth, making their bed, and having a good attitude. Then the students can earn other points for school, round up, and chores. After reading the book I was very inspired and created a similar system at my house.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with kids. This book addresses children at all ages even kids that have moved out, but may come back because of a divorce or some other situation. I was given this book by Booksneeze in exchange for an honest review.

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